Murphy calls on lawmakers to advance ‘comprehensive’ gun safety legislation

Murphy calls on lawmakers to advance ‘comprehensive’ gun safety legislation

December 6, 2021 0 By T.A. DeFeo

New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy wants lawmakers to advance “comprehensive gun safety” legislation, including initiatives he proposed in April.

“Over the past four years, New Jersey has become a national leader on gun safety,” Murphy said in a news release. “We must continue to build on that progress and make our state safer for the over nine million people who call New Jersey home.”

Murphy’s proposals he announced in April included establishing record-keeping for electronic ammunition sales, raising the age to buy “long guns” to 21 years of age, and a ban on .50 caliber firearms. The governor reiterated his support for the initiatives at a Thursday event in Metuchen and proposed additional actions, including regulating school shooting drills and requiring gun manufacturers to incorporate microstamping technology into handguns sold in the state.

Separately, in October, Murphy and the governors of three other Northeastern states announced an agreement to share crime gun data, a move they say will help stem gun violence in their states.

“Essential training, better tracking of firearms and ammunition, safer storage, and stronger policy to stem the flow of out-of-state guns into New Jersey are how we keep our communities safe,” Assembly Speaker Craig J. Coughlin, D-Middlesex, said in an announcement. “Our children deserve nothing less than to feel safe at school, and our residents to grocery shop, worship, and go about their day with peace of mind.”

When he initially announced his proposal, critics said they would run afoul of the Second Amendment and not stem the violence. New Jersey Republicans took umbrage with Murphy’s renewed call.

“Clearly, the timing is intended to further tighten gun restrictions on law-abiding residents as quickly as possible, giving opponents little to no time to be heard,” state Sen. Mike Testa, R-Vineland, said in a statement following Murphy’s announcement.

“There are dozens of bills awaiting action in both houses of the Legislature that would do more to fight crime and make New Jersey communities safer for everyone,” Testa added. “This isn’t about public safety. It’s about his ultimate goal of taking guns away from the very residents who follow our laws.”

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